Flying with your sewing machine 

Just a quick one: if you ever wondered whether you can get your sewing machine past airport security, and on board a plane as cabin baggage, fret no longer: the answer is Yes!*

I was reasonably certain that this was possible (if a bit odd-looking on security scans) but now I can attest from my own experience that it’s a breeze. Proof:

That’s me queueing at the departure gate.

Granted, my machine (a humble Brother LS14)  is perhaps on the smaller end of the scale, and I did do my best “this bag is light as a feather” impression (even though it felt like I was performing a loaded carry at the gym…), but I’d wager that the average home sewing machine will be within the right dimensions (if not weight) to be passed off as hand luggage.

If this page is to be believed, even needles are allowed and perfectly fine in your hand luggage, so I went through some unnecessary trouble removing mine and hiding it in amongst the bobbins.

Quite pleased that I managed to pull this off and bring my machine with me to Bristol as I’m in the final hurry to finish up about three different dresses before the good weather arrives / my upcoming holiday. I’ve not been writing much about them (yet) as it’s proven a bit difficult to get worn photos of anything yet, but stay tuned for a progress report very soon.
Laters xx

* Worth noting I flew on a domestic flight in the UK, with easyjet. YMMV but I can’t see why your airline / country would be any different.


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