Stash report

Moving my sewing corner from one room to another gave me that welcome opportunity to take stock and tidy up!

Of course I haven’t been sewing for that long, so I can’t say my stash is too badly out of control… however I definitely own more fabric than I can sew up anytime soon. Generally I have 3m+ of everything, so if you have ideas or suggestions for any of these, even different from what I originally thought, shout in the comments!

So, here it goes, top to bottom!

Purple ponte di roma
I’m gathering up the courage to have another stab at the ill-fitting pocket dress using this one. Also, a jumper or two.

Navy lightweight jersey
I bought this in the January sales. Like, six meters of it. And because knits are hard, and I’m a beginner, instead of cutting into this, I’ve been practicing on a cream marl jersey (for which I got two semi-decent tees to show).
I was saving this navy one for proper nice quality jersey tops for when I have the chops to make them, and perhaps for a simple flippy dress too. I’m having doubts about how a dress would support its own weight in this fabric though, hanging off the shoulders…?

Navy chiffon
Another January sale find. I’m saving it for later, not sure what it will become. Sheer long-sleeved over-blouses and floaty layered skirts come to mind.

Air force blue peachskin
Bought this as a practice fabric for an BHL Anna dress bodice toile, before I cut into the lovely light blue silk saree.

Weird pink stretch suiting
First fabric I ever bought / tried to sew a garment with. I tried to make a self-drafted pair of shorts out of it, á la YouTube. Heck knows why I would torture myself with a stretchy fabric and an ideally fitted pattern as a first project…? I’m quite proud of myself anyhow, even though the shorts turned out mega wonky fit-wise, I did learn a lot.

Cream stars on red cotton
I made xmas stockings this year for everyone in the remote family with this.

Orange art silk saree
Not sure what this will become but it sure was pretty.

Light blue yellow and brown 100% silk saree
I love this. Earmarked for a floaty maxi-length BHL Anna dress (will have to line it coz this lovely silk is thin as a breath). Making it as soon as I work up the confidence.

Navy and pink art deco 100% cotton
This is also one for an Anna bodice, still debating what shape the skirt should take though! This is the next one on my make-list — fabric in the pre-wash as I write this.

Something that I can’t identify, in cream
My mum sent me a lovely birthday gift: a selection from her & my late gran’s stash, and some fabric also— this came from that “haul”. I used it for a wrap top toile so far, but I might finish that up to be a wrap top pj top.

White floral print poly cotton
This started out as lining for the aforementioned xmas stockings, but has since also been used as linings of other home sewing and gift sewing objects.

White cotton with hexagonal star print
Also from mum’s birthday gift pack. Will be the lining for a sewing machine cover I really need to make ASAP.

Orange 6mm gingham (not pictured)
I have 3ms of this and very soon it will become some description of a breezy summer shirt dress, as it sits at #2 in the sewing queue.


So, that looks like quite a bit of sewing-to-do, now that I’ve written it all up. Jeez. Better get on it, and soon.


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