Thoughts on copying patterns

I was SO glad when Justine from Sew Country Chick opened up the can of worms topic of copying patterns! For days before that post went live, I was pondering the very same things she wrote about – is copying okay? Should I write about it here? Will I just get destroyed by hateful commenters, right on my third entry to this blog?

Then I read her post and things clicked into place. I think there are a lot of perfectly good reasons for me to copy patterns and not be ashamed about it. Some of them are economical, and some are down to what gets me ticking.

Firstly, I took up sewing to save money compared to buying RTW, and often I just can’t justify the added cost of patterns.

But there’s also another aspect, which is to learn new drafting skills faster. Having to figure out how to recreate and fit a look from scratch is obviously a much bigger challenge than taking something out of an envelope, and that thinking phase is what really gets me excited about sewing.

All the techniques of sewing up a well-made garment are things that I can eventually learn and pick up through practice, practice, practice. One day (just maybe, one very far day from today), I might even find it easy to cut, stitch and construct a complicated dress, to the point where the excitement is gone. But the thinking, planning and designing something new will always remain the real challenge.


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